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I have Asperger's Syndrome which if a form of Autism. It also goes by the name High-functioning Autism. This affects me, but most likely not how you think it would. I lack social skills, and just like most people with AS I am aware of it. I have difficulty reading emotions off of faces, and just like most people with AS have learned to read faces and tones, to that point that we can catch things that others don't. I, like most, believe that Autism is an evolution, not a problem, in that our species has been moving towards specialization, and now into super-specialization for, well, always. Most people with AS are great with technology, and can learn something new in no time. We have no need for social interaction. If placed in a career doing something we enjoy, we are happy (as long as the basics are met.) This means we don't need, nor want, time off. We are happier doing the work than taking a vacation. We generally don't conform to societal roles around age, race, gender, etc. and operate outside of that. This means that we have no problem sitting down with a three-year-old and playing for a few hours, then immediately getting up and talking to a 50 year old about hacking for the next few.

For fun I am a C programmer, and webmaster. I follow the term hacker to mean someone who hacks, not someone who breaks [sic] into computers illegally.

Just to fill in the rest of my personality quick, I am anti-military, but not anti-military personnel. I know a few veterans and active members of the military, and some have stated that they agree with me on why I am anti-military. I think currently we are sending people out to die needlessly. The people we are fighting for out there don't want us there. Our efforts will never amount to anything. It'd be better to just leave now, and when needed again return.
I am a Christian. I believe in science. I do not think they are separate ideas. The only debate I won't get into is the one of if God exists. I feel that there is plenty of proof in that God created existence (and time) as we can understand it. I know that micro-evolution is real. I have not seen any real evidence of macro-evolution. I really hate it when someone tries to do something like removing the Ten Commandments from somewhere in the name of Atheism.

Things I support

I would love to support these all monetarily, but since I cannot I do support these in the other methods (telling people about them.)

Security Measures

I like security, it's one of the things I do. Here are some links to help you out.


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